Thursday, May 6, 2010

Petcha Kutcha

This is My Super Sweet 16 with a Bitter Aftertaste! This was my Petcha Kutcha for my Technology Class!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Second Life... AHH

After viewing Orientation in Second life, I am sorry to say that I am still a little hesitant to dive into virtual worlds. I am currently drowning in technology, and the thought of creating Avatars and 3D platforms, as seen in the video, terrifies me. Check this video out if you are tech savvy, unlike me!

High Quality Wikis

Before watching Parallel Play or Collaboration, i didn't really know much about wiki's or how students could use them. This video was very informative, It explores the difference between simply throwing a wiki together, and really creating something original, structured, and elaborate.

Sam has Skills!

Sam's Digital Youth Portrait shows yet ANOTHER example of a student who has used technology to their benefit. While is on the computer A LOT, she still seems to be pretty well rounded.

The Bluest Eye

I did my voicethread over Toni Morison's book, The Bluest Eye. This is my favorite book!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Google Form!

I created a Google Form that asked a couple of questions about people's taste in music. I LOVE music (who doesn't) and I enjoyed reading the responses to my survey! It seems like, from what I have read, the first concert is always the best! Music is tied to so many memories and relationships! It is such a telling part of our lives!

My very own screencast!

Hello! This is my instructional screencast! This semester, I learned how to embed a video onto my blog, so I can share it with friends! I hope this video will help you learn to do the same!